Mercedes-Benz Fall ‘11 Fashion Week NYC: Cynthia Rowley

Backstage at the Cynthia Rowley show, Redken’s Rita Marmor was collaborating closely with the designer to create a soft, airy updo. “I imagined a girl who is delicate, but still wants to have fun; elegant, but never uptight,” Marmor said. To start, she created a deep, triangular part and sectioned it off for later. Pulling back the remaining hair, she sprayed a generous amount of Redken’s Fashion Work 12 to create a ponytail at ear-level, which she secured with a black elastic. Then, separating a thin layer from the top of the tail, she built up another layer of Fashion Work 12 through the rest of the hair before teasing it with both a hairbrush and a crimping iron. “This is what creates the done, but undone look,” Marmor said. While stylists worked on the tail, Marmor went back to finish the front section by adding a small pump of Full Frame 07 mousse to tame flyaways and pulled it back to make a tight twist before merging it into the ponytail. Taking a transparent elastic band, she tied the textured part of the tail near the ends to form a light pouf. With a straightening iron, she combed through the top layer of the tail so that it covered the pouf like a thin veil. She light-handedly combined the two layers and twirled it downwards into an airy dome secured with pins. Finally, she sprayed Shine Flash 02 Glistening Mist into her hands to work sheen and extra hold to the intentional fall-outs around the face and the strands veiling the textured bun. —Clarissa Nebuya

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