Mercedes-Benz Fall/Winter 2014 Fashion Week: Meskita


For Meskita’s Fall 2014 collection the inspiration was the Chinese Calendar's Year of the Horse and with that an equestrian style hairdo was created by the Nioxin hair team as led by Anthony Crosfield and Danielle Caputo. The high, bold pony featured very sleek, straight strands and darkened tips to add to the dimension of the overall look.

The style fit in perfectly with a collection that boasted sporty clean shapes and neo-print fabrics. Below are the looks and hair how-tos:


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How To Style

1.       Dampen hair with water and work 6-8 pumps of DiaMax from root to tip of hair
2.       Apply quarter-sized dollop of Thickening Gel to even, two inch thick sections of hair, starting with underneath layer
3.       Gather hair from middle of head, working tresses up towards crown, using flat brush to eliminate bumps
4.       Gradually add side pieces of hair into  ponytail; secure with elastic
5.       Spray halo of Thickening Spray over top of head
6.       Gather one inch thick piece of hair from underneath ponytail, wrap around elastic, securing with bobby pins
7.       Spray pre-colored hair extensions* with Therm Activ; flat-iron and brush smooth
8.       Secure extensions* near base of elastic and secure with bobby pins and black fabric
9.       Add black head-band so back is skimming hairline and ears are pushed back
10.   Finish with  NioSpray Regular for hold

How to get the color

The brown shades were created using a variety of Koleston Perfect formulas in various ratios for individuality. The goal was to keep colors warm and rich: 5/3; 6/73; 5/; 6/0; 5/71

For the darkest color, the team used Koleston Perfect 2/0 - keeping the hair very dark and shiny.

The blondes are a mix of Koleston Perfect 10/1 for the cooler effect and then the following formulas to keep the caramel tones warm but not brassy. 8/3; 9/73; 8/07

All were mixed with 20 vol developer. For the technique: In order to create this look the hair should be colored in a ponytail in the position it will be worn the most. Once secure apply the color, light or dark for contrast, in thin sections in a full vertical down position stack thin sections of foil for control. Stack color, foil on foil to keep a solid line in place. Color only where the hair reaches to the foils. Tone gently to blend blondes and respect the contrast. Use a warm dark tone on gold blondes and more dark ash tones on ash blonde and caramel tips on dark browns. Once the hair is released from the pony there will be a more purposeful, less subtle ombre. Suited best for straight smooth hair.