Mercedes-Benz Fall/Winter 2014 Fashion Week: Ruffian

Bold, popping colors and Glam Rock-inspired textiles ruled the runway at the Fall/Winter 2014 Ruffian show, and Catwalk by TIGI’s Global Creative Director Nick Irwin created an expensive look to match the mood of this collection. The hairstyle featured at this show is best described as a proper blowout—with volume at the crown, a blown-back hairline and a slight curl at the ends. This look was edgy, sophisticated, soft and ideal for keeping the hair out of the face, and the subtle details allowed each model to look gorgeous without worrying about the hair looking absolutely perfect. 

This proper blowout was created by first misting dry hair with water and spraying the roots generously with Your Highness Root Boost Spray. Using a round brush, blow-dry hair straight with a slight bend at the ends, lifting hair at the root and blowing back at the crown. Next, divide hair vertically into four sections and spray each section with Session Series Work It Hairspray. Using a 2-inch barrel curling iron, curl hair horizontally to the nape of the neck and spray again before unclamping and removing the iron from the hair without unraveling. Set curl with a duckbill clip and spray the hairspray once more. After the hair has cooled, remove clips and brush smooth with a flat brush. Lightly tease the roots at the crown with a fine toothcomb and brush back using a flat brush. Using your fingers, scrunch hair at the bottom to break up the length for natural movement. Finish the look with Work It Hairspray. 

—Sarah Sin


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