Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Fall ‘10: Christian Siriano

I just got back from the Christian Siriano show, which is always a ton of fun—and a little bit insane! (Those of you who watched him on Project Runway will understand why!) As usual, both the clothes and the hair were elegant and stunning. Antoinette Beenders, global creative director for Aveda, created two looks for the show: an updo for the models with short or fine hair and a cascading, side-swept style for those with thicker hair. The updo, according the Beenders, was "classic Grace Kelly, but tighter and more modern." Or, as Siriano called it, "a swept-up, amazing moment in hair." For the hair-down look, Beenders was inspired by the asymmetry of the clothes. She curled the hair and used pins to bring it over to one shoulder, keeping it very tight on the opposite side. "It's all very glamorous and chic," she said. Beenders set both looks with Aveda Air Control Force, which will debut this summer.

The makeup, designed by Polly Osmond for Victoria's Secret Make-up, was all about the brows and lips. The strong brows were penciled in to look wispy and fluffy (and not necessarily match the hair color), while the lips were painted a matte fuschia color for a very bold splash of color.

Beenders working on an updo

The finished updo

Antoinette Beenders giving a model side-swept curls

One of Christian Siriano's gorgeous designs