Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week NYC Fall ‘10: Twinkle

The inspiration for the fall 2010 Twinkle show was fairytale-like haunted romance, a theme that carried over to the hair and nails as well. John Ruidant for Redken described the updo he created as "woodsy, playful and gothic" with a lot of product to play up different textures. After applying Fabricate, he dried the hair with his hands to give it a messy feel, pinned it up in a style that was tight on the sides, loose on the top and had a messy bun twisted onto the right side of the nape. "It looks like she's been running through the forrest," Ruidant explained.

For the nails, CND's Roxanne Valinoti came armed with press-on nails to give the models a consistent length and shape that was short, tailored and wearable. The color was Dark Ruby softened by Super Matte Top Coat, which Valinoti says is a great way to play with texture on the nails.

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