Mercedes-Benz Spring/Summer 2015 Fashion Week: Custo

Custo’s collection called “Skin” used light-weight materials and fabrics to create a transparency on the woman’s body. Custo Dalmau wanted the rainbow fabric cuts to be very specific as to show just enough of the woman’s body through the collection.

Lead hairstylist Duffy for Oribe was looking to create a bun filled with texture and a twist that any woman could replicate, yet still carry a very defined edge. “The clothes are an extreme with embroideries, patterns and colors, so we wanted to push the identity of the girl,” Duffy says. “I wanted to do something more utilitarian, simple, strong and graphic,” Duffy adds. To get the ponytail illusion without any elastic band involved, apply Oribe Volumista and blow dry strands (not using a brush). Next, mist Dry to add definition and texture to strands and pull back into a ponytail. Tie a knot three times, as if you were about to tie shoelaces. Use Maximista at the top of the crown and use a brush to smooth the look down.

Makeup was meant to look sweet, sexy and strong, almost looking like zero makeup was applied. The eyebrow was strong like a teenager, while white lines were drawn across the eyelid and a very natural cream foundation color for shine.

For nails, a pure white color was chosen because the team wanted the nails bright, but not too fluorescent. Instead of solely using a specific color, 50 percent porcelain and 50% clear were used to tone down the boldness that the white can portray, which is why the clear was added to the white polish. This still allows for a consistency of that boldness that a white can have, but still gives it a chance to turn into a sheer that will tone it down. Simply dump out correct ratio of the two polishes and mix together with a brush. Make sure to avoid mixing inside the bottle or else the consistency won’t mix correctly. Let the mixture sit for 20 minutes.