MVRCK Celebrates Its New Collection with the Swing of an Axe

Social and Digital Editor, Bryant Chase, practiced his axe throwing at the event / photo by American Salon

Wednesday evening, John Paul Mitchell Systems celebrated its foray into the barber-sphere, MVRCK by Mitch, at an uncommon but appropriate event to introduce the new products. Held at Kick Axe Throwing in Brooklyn, NY, the gathering featured three MVRCK Barbers (Fern The Barber, Jason Reyes and Brandon Palmore), who helped create the line, as well as the chance for guests to try out their hand at axe-throwing—supervised by an Axe-pert, of course.

With MVRCK, Paul Mitchell aims to bring its name to the barbering world through innovative products and education. After a successful appearance at Barbercon just three days prior to the event, it’s clear that barbers are already welcoming the introduction of a John Paul Mitchell Systems brand just for them. “As soon as they knew that this was by Paul Mitchell, it was something huge for them, because we’re a brand that has always stood by the hairdresser, and we’re a brand now that’s always going to stand by the barber,” said Reyes.

The new line features 10 items for shaving, beards, haircare and styling, and uses ingredients like macadamia oil and barley seed extract. The Skin + Beard Lotion works to moisturize both the skin and beard hair, while also having a subtle agave citrus scent.


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“I enjoy The Skin + Beard Lotion because I have a lot of guests who have curlier hair. We know that for guys…they always have some skin irritation, because that curlier hair is going back into the skin. With this Skin + Beard Lotion, I’m able to create more of a moisturizing agent,” said Palmore.

Brandon Palmore, one of the barbers behind the brand, talks about his favorite MVRCK product 

The line introduces unique packaging, like the Grooming Spray’s trigger—it adjusts the flow from a stream to a mist when more pressure is applied. The spray is lightweight and has thickening agents for men who want a style with more volume.

The ability to cater to a wide variety of guests is a huge perk of the MVRCK line, Palmore noted. “What can I do in order to create more revenue through product sales but still offer a wide range of products for my guests? That’s what my biggest thing is as a barber. That’s one of the things I’ve always looked at when it comes to this brand, and we’ve definitely accomplished that,” he said.

The line is available now at