Nail Trends: Fast Drying Top Coats

Clients want their nail polish to dry faster than you can run their credit card, and they want their manicure to last for at least a week, maybe longer. We explore your options. —M.D.

Fast-drying topcoats have been on the market for a long time now, and they’re great for getting clients out the door in a hurry. Trending now though are quick-drying systems that deliver vivid color and superior shine that last up to a week. CND got the ball rolling with Vinylux, a breakthrough polish that promises weeklong wear without a basecoat. Then OPI got into the game with Infinite Shine Gel-Effects Lacquer System, which offers intense, gel-like shine made to last until the polish is removed. Now Jessica Cosmetics has introduced the Phe¯ nom Polish System, which acts like a gel, removes as easily as polish and dries quickly in natural light. Let’s take a look at all three.

CND Vinylux

as0415-IS-NF-CNDThicke_fmt_0_0_0.jpegWith the elimination of a basecoat (the self-adhering color coat takes care of everything), the standard three-step polish process is replaced with a faster and more effective two-part system. Top Coat with ProLight technology enhances with exposure to natural light over time. What’s in it for you? While ordinary polishes break down over time, Vinylux Weekly Polish actually becomes more durable. Choose from 65 fashion-forward shades, including 40 that match the most popular shades of CND Shellac.


OPI Infinite Shine

as0415-IS-NF-OPI-RaceT_fmt_0_0.jpegOPI calls its Infinite Shine Gel-Effects Lacquer System the next revolution in nail lacquer. What’s in it for you? The hi-def nail lacquer wears up to 10 days, doesn’t require a light to dry and offers soak-free removal. The three-step system includes primer, lacquer and gloss. Choose from 30 iconic OPI shades.

Jessica Cosmetics Phe– nom

as0415-IS-NF-GrapeGats_fmt_0.jpegThe secret to Phe¯ nom is a revolutionary flexible polymer in Vivid Colour and a photo initiator in Finale Shine topcoat. When used in tandem, they react to exposure to natural light to produce a tougher, chip-resistant polish with superior gel-like shine. What’s in it for you? A fresh-from-the-salon manicure that lasts up to 10 days. A word of caution: Phe¯ nom is not designed for touch-ups, but changing color sooner is simple and soak-free