New Truss Professional Air Libre Bleaching Powder

Looking for a bleaching powder that doesn’t disperse while mixing? The developers at TRUSS Professional have produced a dust-free formula to prevent toxic inhalation and reduce product waste with their new Air Libre Bleaching Powder, topping many must-have lists this summer.

After a 2014 study in Women’s Voices for Earth was released confirming that long-term exposure to toxic salon products contributed to an array of negative health conditions like asthma and other breathing problems, the beauty industry was quick to respond. While many products have been redeveloped to reduce toxicity, bleaching powder remained on the backburner—until now.

The TRUSS Professional Air Libre Bleaching Powder is ideal for the popular freehand balayage techniques applied by many colorists, and naturally lightens hair up to five shades (up to seven shades when using foil), depending on the color and thickness of strands. And, the dust-free formula keeps product in the bowl so that colorists and stylists are ensured optimum health while using the product. Air Libre Bleaching Powder helps to protect the hair's integrity due to a special blend of macadamia and argan oils, which lowers the concentration of ammonia while increasing collagen for elasticity and shine.


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Directions: Mix TRUSS Air Libre Bleaching Powder (1.76 oz) and TRUSS Cream Developer (2.54 fl oz) in a nonmetallic container until getting a homogeneous cream. Apply to clean, dry hair. Wear appropriate protective gloves.

About: TRUSS has an impressive presence in more than 9 countries and offers a high-end complete hair care line to professional stylists and can be found in the finest hair salons of the world. Constantly investing in innovative active ingredients and high technology, TRUSS insists to continuously exceeding expectations by delivering results that are incredibly noticeable from the first application, creating instant customer loyalty amongst its consumers, also known as #crazyfortruss!