NovaLash Winks for Pink

Lash+Doctor turns all eyes to breast cancer awareness

At NovaLash, women and their well-being are at the heart and soul of everything we do. The truth is, that 12% of American women will develop breast cancer at some point in their lives.  The good news in the gloom? Early detection and screening as well as increased awareness and ongoing research has caused those numbers to plummet every year! That’s why NovaLash believes in increasing breast cancer awareness among American women and why we are proud to announce our NovaLash “Winks for Pink” Program.

Beginning in August and running through end October, NovaLash will help bring this cause to light by contributing $5.00 to the NBCF (National Breast Cancer Foundation) for each Lash+Doctor sold. LASH+DOCTOR is an eyelash and eyebrow growth and conditioning serum that maintains healthy hair growth without the hormone prostaglandin, eliminating a possible side effect which is known to potentially darken the eyelid skin and change the color of the iris. and


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About: We want to put an end to breast cancer. Our goal: No more fear. No more hospital visits. No more side effects or needless suffering. No more loved ones lost to breast cancer.  The only way to achieve this goal is through research. Research is revolutionizing our understanding of cancer. Research is leading us to the core of this insidious disease. Research is transforming lives every day as women and men get the help they need.

We believe research—and research alone—has the power to bring an end to cancer. We know what needs to be done, and we have more than 200 researchers urgently working on solutions to one of the world’s greatest problems.  Until the number of deaths from breast cancer is zero, we will not stop. Join us, and help fuel the research of tomorrow needed to save lives today. Everyone can be part of the solution. We are all part of the cure.