Oscar Carvallo’s 2014 Spring/Summer Collection Inspires Priti NYC’s Custom Nail Decal

To get us in the mood for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York City, starting February 6, we're checking out other cool fashion-inspired stories such as Priti NYC’s nail decal for designer Oscar Carvallo that was featured on the runway in Paris.

The special collaboration between Oscar Carvallo and Venezuelan artist Carlos Cruz-Diez produced 35 new looks for the designer’s 2014 Spring/Summer Couture Collection, showcasing prints, shapes, textures and details based on six Cruz-Diez paintings created exclusively for Carvallo. These artworks came to life with Carvallo’s keen attention to detail and fun combinations of different fabrics including silk, muslin, ant lace, neoprene and mesh.


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The stunning prints and gowns from this bold collection inspired Priti NYC to create a colorful custom nail art design using Priti NYC 460-Horned Poppy, 415-Fireglow, 603-Nigra, 504-Stonecrop and 367-Blue Sage.

— Sarah Sin