Ouidad Launches Curl Immersion Collection

Ouidad launches its new Curl Immersion Collection, a prescriptively formatted line designed specifically for kinky curls. The collection consists of five products plus a travel set, and will be complemented by the 3-Step Express Hydration Treatment Service offered at Ouidad’s flagship salons.

“We care for curls in a prescriptive way tailored to the four curl types – loose, classic, tight and kinky,” says founder and reigning Queen of Curls Ouidad. Curl Immersion is the ultimate curl prescription for caring for kinky curls – the very, very tight curls with a visible Z-pattern, and known to be baby fine and delicate. This curl type requires the most nourishment because the tighter the curl, the less moisturizing sebum is able to travel from the scalp down the hair shaft. Without hydration, hair becomes dry, brittle, and more prone to breakage.

With the knowledge that kinky curls are typically non-porous, making it challenging for moisture to pen- etrate each strand, Ouidad developed nourishing formulas that deliver maximum moisture to the internal layers of the hair. Thanks to a sophisticated delivery system that penetrates into each strand, much needed moisture reaches the hair’s cortex, adding mass, weight, and definition to the curl. The results are smooth- er, well-formed, and intensely-hydrated curls. With continued use, the internal curl structure continues to strengthen.


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Kinky curls span a multiethnic landscape, and the demand for high quality products comes as no surprise since this consumer uses an average of 9 products between washes. While kinky curls aren’t exclusive to one ethnicity, the market for black haircare is estimated to reach $876 million by 2019. As more African American women continue to embrace their curls, the styling products segment is also expected to increase nearly 75% in the next four years due to the demand of products that aid in the transition from relaxed to chemi- cal-free hair.

The Curl Immersion Collection brings consumers with kinky curls a unique and luxurious salon line, featuring key ingredients such as grapeseed, coconut, rosemary and sage oils. Like all Ouidad formulas, Curl Immer- sion products are free of heavy silicones and waxes, and feature the brand’s distinctive blend of breathable, water-soluble, and plant-based ingredients.

The collection includes:
• Low-Lather Coconut Cleansing Conditioner – a low lather, sulfate-free, foaming co-wash for weekly use to remove build-up at the scalp and hydrate curls ($36, 16.9 oz.)
• No-Lather Coconut Cream Cleansing Conditioner – a no lather, creamy, moisturizing co-wash ideal for extremely dry hair ($36, 16.9 oz.)
• Triple Treat Deep Conditioner – a deep-penetrating conditioner that softens hair and restores curls to their natural shape; features coconut and grapeseed oils ($38, 12 oz.)
• Hi-Defining Custard – a weightless oil-in-gel moisturizing styler formulated with Kalahari melon seed oil; ideal for wash-and-go styles, braid-outs, and defining curls ($28, 8 oz.)
• Silky Soufflé Setting Crème – an emollient-rich crème with Mafura butter that softens and primes, and quickly hydrates and elongates curls prior to and during styling ($28, 8 oz.)
• The luxury Travel Set includes No Lather Coconut Cream Cleansing Conditioner, Triple Treat Deep Conditioner, Hi-Defining Custard, and Silky Soufflé Setting Crème ($36, 2–2.5 oz. each) 

The curl experts at Ouidad have also developed a luxurious in-salon 3-Step Express Hydration Treatment for curls requiring deep penetrating moisture and hydration. Featuring a patented Ouidad massage technique and curl care regimen, the service will quench clients’ curls and prepare them for healthy curl styles. “As the pioneers of the curly hair industry, we are fiercely committed to always providing the very best in salon ser- vices to meet the needs of our curl community,” says Ouidad. ($75 at Ouidad flagship salons)

The Curl Immersion Collection will be available beginning June 2016, with a series of special offers available at Ouidad.com for a limited-time only. 

About:  Ouidad knows and loves curls and is renowned as the ‘curl expert’ brand that has led the industry for over thirty years. The brand built its foundation on identifying, defining, and properly styling curls, even trade- marking its own Carve and Slice cutting and Rake and Shake styling techniques, with education at the very heart of its success and fundamental to its approach. At Ouidad, no two curls are treated the same. The foundation of curl style success is treatment by specific curl type and achieving the right cut from a Ouidad Specialist. @Ouidad #Ouidad https://www.ouidad.com/