Our Very Own Celebrity

I've written a lot on here about meeting celebrity hairstylists, but one of the biggest names in the industry actually sits in an office about 15 feet away from mine on a daily basis. Our editor in chief, Marianne Dougherty, has been in the industry for close to 20 years, so walking into events with her is truly like accompanying a celebrity down a red carpet: People come at us from every angle just to say hello. Now, thanks to the new release from world renowned hairstylist Vivienne Mackinder's HairDesignerTV.com, Marianne truly is a TV star. HairDesignerTV.com is an online learning and networking site for salons and stylists, with streaming video, graphics and printable lessons. In this video, "A Day In The Life of An Editor," Mackinder interviews Marianne on what it's like to work at American Salon and create each issue.

Check it out! http://hairdesignertv.com/dougherty.php

—Lori Morris, Senior Editor


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