Paul Mitchell of Northern New England Returns to Family Roots

Tyler, Lauren and Kerry Sullivan of Sullivan Beauty

Family-owned wholesale distributor Paul Mitchell of Northern New England is going back to their roots and rebranding themselves as Sullivan Beauty

Why the name change you ask? For one, the Sullivan name has been revered in the professional beauty industry for impeccable customer service for nearly 70 years. Sullivan Company was brought to life by Charlie (C.B. Sr.) and Claire Sullivan in 1945, four years before the birth of their eldest son, C.B. Sullivan Jr. Since C.B. Sullivan Co. changed hands from Sr. to Jr. in 1980, C.B. Sullivan Co. had secured partnerships with the biggest brands like Matrix, John Paul Mitchell Systems, and Sebastian, to name a few.

In 2010, the company changed hands to the third generation of CB Sullivans and Paul Mitchell of Northern New England was born with C.B. Jr.’s three children,Tyler, Kerry, and Lauren—who continue to carry the torch by touching the hearts of New England’s most influential day-makers, salon professionals.  


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Sullivan Beauty’s founding father, C.B. Sullivan Jr., helped to define the role of the modern distributor in the professional beauty world with strategies that have now become industry standards. “Your Success is Our Success” has long been the company's mission. From business ethics and customer service, to focusing on how they can foster their customer's growth, Sullivan Beauty promises to continue their dedication to helping salon professionals achieve their goals. The company is proud to maintain C.B.'s spirit, vision, and direction in their work with the use of the Sullivan name once again.

Sullivan Beauty will make their official debut this summer. For more information, visit