Performance Art

Neill Corporation Creative Director Michael Baker has just launched a new tool to help hairdressers create the best possible guest experience—5x5: The Stage, a video presentation on an interactive USB jump drive. Baker stresses that hairdressers should look at their stations, typically 5-foot by 5-foot spaces, as a stage on which they are performing in front of an audience, i.e. the client. "My objective is to put the fun back into doing hair and to help service providers look at their performance like any other performer does, be it an actor, musician, athlete or film director," Baker says. "They know exactly what they need to do, and they prepare well."

 5x5: The Stage Interactive Video Presentation

Filmed through a hairdressing mirror, the piece gives viewers an intimate look at how an experienced salon pro provides the ultimate client experience, from greeting and consultation to service and product education to saying goodbye and re-booking. The jump drive includes the film and presentation along with a 46-page booklet. Visit for more info. —L.A.