Planet Green's "Wa$ted" Helps a Salon Be More Eco-friendly

Selah Salon Lounge

Going along with Pravana’s tips to “green†your salon, you can also take ideas from Selah Salon Lounge in White Plains, NY, which recently received an eco-friendly makeover on the Planet Green show Wa$ted.

One of the first steps the show’s producers took was to add Minardi Color Perfect Lighting to help save on electricity use. Minardi Color Perfect Lighting uses a blend of LED and Ceramic Metal Halide lighting fixtures that are more powerful than halogen and incandescent bulbs but use only a fraction of the energy and heat. Eco-Lite Products, which manufactures Minardi Color Perfect Lighting, used the energy efficient 22W Minardi task lights, which are placed directly over the stylists’ chairs to create the perfect amount of light power, tone and color for coloring and styling the hair. They also created a Minardi mirror light that uses LEDs and draws less than 10W of power. The mirror light removes shadows, circles under the eyes and unflattering lines that clients often see when they look in the mirror at salons that have poor lighting. The mirror light also provides a warm glow so that clients look healthy and beautiful.

“We are so excited about our new lights from Eco-Lite!,†said Jackie Shkreli, one of the owners of Selah Salon. “Since they were installed, our electric bill has decreased by 30 percent. Not only have these fantastic lights saved us money, but we can FINALLY see true results immediately upon completion with our clients.â€

Other steps taken to make the salon more environmentally friendly were switching to more energy efficient appliances, placing recycling bins within easy reach of stylists and clients, using and selling products with recyclable packaging, and enrolling with Matter of Trust, a company that recycles human hair to make mats used to clean up oil spills.