Pretty Fearless

Karine Jackson’s latest body of work, seen exclusively on these pages, was inspired by nature’s bounty.

 Photography by Jack Eames

Bold colors, bold textures: That was the theme for British hairdresser Karine Jackson’s latest collection for Organic Colour Systems. “I was inspired by nature’s dynamic palette, especially neon coral oranges, deep blues and striking purples found in ocean reefs and sea beds, as well as all its abundant textures,” says Jackson, who imbued strands with a wet, tactile quality to encourage them to flow into styles. Another key element was strong finishes, which Jackson says sync perfectly with what’s happening on the runways. “Shellacked tops on heavy middle-partings, textured ends, deep side-partings, and really tonged hair and sleek strands enhanced with movement were prevalent on numerous runways, including Marc Jacobs and McQueen,” Jackson says.


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makeup: Maddie austin; fashion styling: claire frith

IMAGE ABOVE: Texture and shape are the focal points in this look, which Jackson achieved by setting the hair on small perm rollers with Organic Connect Thermal 2 Twenty until strands were bone dry. She then removed the rollers and used a large-toothed comb to coax the curls into this fabulous shape that resembles pieces of sea sponge.

IMAGE ABOVE - After shellacking the sides of the style with Organic Salon Systems’ Organic Control Systems Glaze to achieve a glossy finish, Karine Jackson dried a horseshoe section on top with Organic Control Systems Spray Gel, coaxing the hair into a beautiful quiff.

IMAGE ABOVE - For this fashion-forward updo, Jackson shellacked the mane to achieve a glossy finish, then pulled it into a high ponytail. Next, she fishtail-braided the hair, pulling out strands for a distorted shape before looping the plait over and pinning it.

IMAGE ABOVE - Jackson relied on color to push the classic bob into bold new territories, and created a string-like finish by mixing Glaze and Organic Control Systems Volume Mousse and blasting the hair with a dryer to achieve fixed movement.

IMAGE ABOVE - To create this edgy shape, Jackson called on Spray Gel and a large-toothed comb to coax back the hair at the sides. She then wet-coiffed the front, using a diffuser to dry the hair and set it in place.

IMAGE ABOVE: For this voluminous look, Jackson tonged and brushed out the model’s long locks before affixing a custom-made braided hairpiece to the front of the hair.



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