Pulp Riot Announces Color Event at Butterfly Loft Salon

Pulp Riot, a company that provides artists with the tools, the education, and the inspiration to create their own masterpieces, has organized a unique event called Pulp Riot Lab that will bring 18 top colorists together to collaborate on vivid and pastel hair color creations on 18 different models.  The event will take place on March 22nd at Butterfly Loft salon in Los Angeles.  A professional photographer will be on hand to capture the stylist’s in action as well as their colorful finished work.

“Never before have so many well known and highly regarded colorists been gathered together to do hair in one place at the same time,” says David Thurston, creator of Pulp Riot Lab and founder of Butterfly Circus, an independent education company.

The stylists participating in Pulp Riot Lab have over 1.5 million Instagram followers between them.  The roster includes these 17 influential artists: @hairgod_zito, @bescene, @xostylistxo, @glamiris, @alexisbutterflyloft, @theconfessionsofahairstylist, @jaywesleyolson, @colordollzbytoni, @wesdoeshair, @hairbykaseyoh, @hairbystephanierose, @harttofcolor, @masey.cheveux, @jeffreyrobert_, @rubydevine, @bottleblonde76, and @lo_wheelhouse (some of which are featured in the Instagram slideshow above).


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An online contest was held to select the stylist for the 18th roster spot.  The contest garnered close to 3,000 entries before Las Vegas based stylist, Shelley Gregory (@shelleygregoryhair) was selected as the winner. 

Thurston says, “Previously I’ve assembled high profile stylists together to provide education, but I thought it would also be interesting to see what happens when they’re all working together in the same salon at the same time.  Our goal is to push artistic color creativity to the next level by creating a positive, non-judgmental, nurturing environment designed to tear away fear and self-doubt, and that encourages collaboration over competition.”