R+Co Goes Completely Vegan

R+Co Goes Vegan

R+Co announced that with the reformulated Control Flexible Paste, the entire line of products is vegan, to align with co-founder Thom Priano’s perspective on ethical beauty. 

“Ten years ago I decided to adopt a vegan lifestyle; it changed my life,” Priano says. “Besides having many health benefits, this lifestyle made me aware of all the damage humans have done to our planet as well as the cruelty and torture that we subject to animals—I’ll never turn back. That’s why I’m proud that R+Co products are now vegan. We want to send a message to both the hairdressing community and greater world that you can have healthy, beautiful hair without testing, torturing and killing animals.”

Priano hopes this move will educate the industry and also meet the demands of the modern consumer who is searching for cleaner, greener and more ethical beauty, the company says. “As a company, R+Co has a platform to create awareness—to prove through masterful formulation, performance and kindness, that there is a better way,” Priano adds.