Rare Finds

The MarulaOil collection by John Paul DeJoria calls on skincare-inspired ingredients to restore hair’s moisture.

as0115-IS-FL-ShineySle_opt_0_0.jpegFor hair in need of an oil change, clients can turn to the new MarulaOil collection by John Paul DeJoria, formulated to leave hair smooth and conditioned. The range of haircare products calls on marula oil from Africa, popularly used in skincare lines, to hydrate and smooth strands. “[The oil] comes in its purest form,” says Stephanie Kocielski, artist and hairstylist for MarulaOil. “[The] high concentration of nutrients and minerals brings hair back to life, and this powerful oil contains oleic acids, which help hydrate, repair and moisturize hair at the deepest levels while sealing split ends.”

The collection includes Rare Oil Treatment, Treatment Light, Replenishing Shampoo, Replenishing Conditioner and Intensive Masque. Rare Oil Treatment is designed to be fast-absorbing, to provide moisture to both hair and skin, and to help hair shine. Rare Oil Treatment Light is a featherweight version of Rare Treatment Oil, and contains a blend of marula oil and esters formulated specifically for fine hair. Rare Oil Replenishing Shampoo’s sulfate-free formula is infused with cold-pressed marula oil and packed with antioxidants and oleic acids to leave hair hydrated, soft and voluminous. Rare Oil Replenishing Conditioner delivers intense hydration to smooth and repair the hair’s surface, while imparting shine. Rare Oil Intensive Masque contains time-released bursts of marula oil to help soften dry, coarse hair and seal split ends. raremarula.com —C.H.


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Tribal Secrets

The Reinvented Tribal look—part of the Traditional Rebels Collection—was created by the Goldwell Color Zoom Master Team consisting of Agnes Westerman, Neil Barton and John C. Simpson, and 2013 Color Zoom Global Winners Kuku Soh, Rustam Mirasov and Derrick Zeno. The look features the bandeau technique, developed by the Goldwell Creative Color Zoom Team to create a color statement and to showcase texture and the shape of a cut. In the look seen here, the bandeau puts a spin on a traditional red with vintage-inspired metallic shades including smoke, tobacco and midnight (see color formulas).

1. Use a point-cutting technique to create interior layers and a graduation technique at the nape, and cut a round bob shape.

2. Apply Goldwell StyleSign 4 Roughman Matte Cream Paste to enhance the punk look.

3. Point-cut the exterior lengths to create a softer look.

4. Utilize slice- and deep-cutting techniques to finish the shape.

5. To create the bouclé-inspired texture, backcomb sections of the hair on top and straighten the ends with a flat-iron.

6. Twist the tips into spikes and tong on the ends, then flip the hair on the sides to the back and behind the ears.

7. Finish with StyleSign 4 Lagoom Jam Volume Gel and Big Finish Volume Hairspray. —N.A.

Color Formulas


Berry:40 ml Topchic Lotion 10-volume Developer + 30 ml 4V + 10 ml 5VA

30 ml Topchic Lotion 20-volume Developer + 10 ml 5VA + 20 ml 6VV MAX

Bandeau sectioning:

Midnight: 30 ml Elumen NA at level 8 + 20 ml Bl + 5 ml Tq

Tobacco: 20 ml Topchic Lotion 10-volume Developer + 15 ml 7BG + 5 ml 6RB

Smoke: 20 ml Topchic Lotion 20-volume Developer + 15 ml 10V + 5 ml 8B

Editor's Pick

as0115-EP_Bosley_fmt_0_0.jpegA perfect and powerful solution for men and women alike, Bosley Professional Strength Hair Thickening Fibers boasts a blend of keratin fibers that camouflage thinning hair and balding trouble. The keratin fibers, which are applied to dry hair, are comprised of statically charged fibrous structural proteins that crisscross and fasten to hair follicles upon application, covering thinning areas. With a user-friendly sprinkle application, the fibers come in black, dark brown, medium brown, light brown, auburn and blonde colors for across-the-board coverage. bosleypro
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