Redken Gallerie Launches First Professional Color Delivery Service

Redken has just made all of your last minute professional styling needs that much easier. The New York City-based Redken Gallerie relaunched with an expanded product range, and a same-day messenger service exclusive to Manhattan salons. Inspired by the city’s fast pace and luxury of choice, professional color and tools can be ordered over the phone or by email. This unique feature makes the Redken Gallerie the only store to carry the entire professional line, with an ordering system that’s easy, fast and hassle-free.

The expanded product range includes the entire Redken professional product portfolio—including Pureology, select Sam Villa tools and Product Club foils at a salon price. In celebration of the Sam Villa product range availability and the new service, we spoke with Sam Villa about some of his best practices for improving your business in 2018. 

Q: What is the most important piece of business advice you have for hairdressers?


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A: “Live education. I really believe it’s the best business practice that we need to wake up to. A lot of people say that they can learn online, but I think that people need both resources. It’s like going to college versus attending online. In person, you can see the whole scope of what’s going on and ask questions. It lights a fire inside you that observing online can’t really touch. I’m on this mission to get people back to hair shows and give them information they can use behind the chair, while they keep doing what they’re doing online.”

Q: Any other missions for 2018? 

A: “Redken is about earning a better living and living a better life. I want to prepare for the trend we’re starting to see which is really natural and organic. We’ll see that people are either going to go nice and sleek with a little product, or spot curl—putting down the thermal tools, and picking them back up to do pieces here and there—so I want to wake consumers up to using products. Products are not an option, they’re a necessity. And the difficult thing is getting consumers to understand that in order to get professional results, they really need product for the character and hold it provides,” says Villa. “I think we really need to change our verbiage. For example, saying that you’re going to disrupt the hair instead of scrunching it really grabs your client’s attention. As a hairdresser behind the chair, if you not satisfied with the results you’re getting you need to change your method and style.”