Ruth Roche on the Benefit of Holding In-salon Events

It’s customary to throw a big ‘Grand Opening’ event when your salon doors first open, but what about later? Are there other reasons for another big production and do you think they’re worthy of consideration? The answer is yes!

Holding an event at your salon can be beneficial in many ways. First, your clients get to see you in a different environment. Rather than just doing their hair, they can socialize and have fun with you, building your rapport and relationships. The added benefit is the opportunity to expand your client base. Inviting clients plus one to the events so they have the chance to meet you and fellow stylists face to face without pressure to have them sit down and get something done. It affords the new guys a chance to engage with you as a person and a professional at the same time. Usually people ask what you would do to their hair, right? That’s an invitation for you to become their stylist!

Plan your event around a special service or to coincide with a big change in business. For example, a 'debut' for a new stylist who just completed their apprentice program or showcase models with fashion/ hair presentations based upon the looks of the season. At Rare by Ruth Roche/Pureology Salon, we hosted an event after the remodel to launch the new Redken color lab, and Pureology co-hosted with us. Brainstorm with your distributors and sales consultants to see if there’s something you can do together—the possibilities are endless.

So, you’ve found a reason, but then what? It will help your chances for success by adding value to the event. The more special you make it, the more likely people will participate. It never hurts to ask if your product vendor or your neighborhood retailers would consider contributing. We put together gift bags full of products and gift certificates/discount offerings from our neighbors. By giving area businesses opportunities to capitalize on your success, you in turn can capitalize on theirs. You might also consider having a local restaurant provide food and drinks or providing your own mini services.

Don’t forget to spread the word! Send out an email blast to your client list and spread the word on the street. Print flyers to pass out to neighboring businesses. Including your neighbors encourages them to get the word out too.  Most important, you’re showing that you care about the community and you never know what benefits will result from those relationships, but you’re sure to gain a few clients and quite a few friends.

Ruth Roche is a salon owner, editorial stylist, platform artist and educator, whose work has appeared in magazines such as Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, Vanity Fair, Interview, Self, More and Cosmopolitan. Her celebrity clients have included Sheryl Crow, Claire Danes, Lindsay Lohan, Kelly Ripa, and Mariska Hargitay. With almost two decades in beauty, Ruth has been honored multiple times by the North American Hairstyling Awards, including Master Stylist of the Year, and is featured in the newly released documentary, Stars Behind the Chair: The Leading Ladies of Hair. She opened Rare Salon in 2003.