Salon Hype Owner Makes Environmental Safety his Top Priority

Salon Hype Owner Ross Bartolomei

In the face of a health crisis, well renowned Chicago hairstylist Ross Bartolomei is making groundbreaking and positive changes for a safer environment. Mr. Bartolemei who is the owner of Salon Hype, a thriving business with two locations in the western suburbs of Chicago, was recently diagnosed with Lymphoma. After doing much research, he discovered that there was a common thread between lymphoma and the environment. Almost every day for 25 years he has been exposed to chemicals. “When we were researching Lymphoma and the possible causes, excessive exposure to chemicals kept cropping up,” he said.

Knowing the facts and possible dangers of over-exposure to these chemicals, Mr. Bartolomei decided that is was time to make safety in his salons a top priority. “We are moving forward.  In our industry, where only three percent of salons use ammonia free hair color, we have transitioned to the INOA product line of permanent hair color, which contains zero ammonia,” said Ross. “It’s formulated with mineral oil instead. And, we don’t plan to stop there.  As more products become environmentally safer, we will use them as long as they are effective-out with the old in with the new!”

In addition, Mr. Bartolomei is also introducing his own line of hair care products called Hype Solutions, a line that is paraben-free and formulated without sulfates. While there is still no scientific proof of the causes of Lymphoma, Ross will continue to work tirelessly to raise awareness in his beloved industry and make sure that Salon Hype is a chemical-free zone. “We’ve always taken product innovation and trend spotting very seriously.  We know our clients look to us not only for style and creativity, but as industry experts, and I make it a priority to be on the leading edge. But, this is personal, and I intend to lead the challenge for salons everywhere to go chemical and ammonia-free. Check back with me in 20 years to see how I’ve done,”  


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