Shine on

Achieving shiny, supple tresses can seem like an uphill battle for clients with dry, aging or stressed hair. But a new multi-step regimen from Bumble and bumble could put glossy locks within reach while adding an easy bottom-line boost to your service menu.

Composed of three different complexes—Hydration, Shine and Protection— Bb.Treatment Dehydration Therapy restores shine, helps protect the hair and scalp from environmental and heat damage, and restores lipids to the scalp, cuticle and ends, which are most prone to moisture loss. "Essentially, this treatment is about calming down the scalp's irritation from chemicals and environmental pollutants," says Michael Gordon, Bumble and bumble's founder and CEO. "If the scalp is inflamed, it's not the best way to grow hair. It's like the growing fascination with healthier food being grown from healthier ground. You can treat where the hair is being grown."


Dehydration Therapy includes a daily cleanser, conditioning creme and leave-in complex, as well as a weekly masque. While much of the line is for at-home use, there is an in-salon service that takes about 10 minutes longer than a traditional shampoo and conditioning treatment. First, the stylist washes the hair with Bb.Treatment Damage Shampoo, then applies the masque, leaving it on the hair for a few minutes. Finally, a ProComplex is combed through hair from root to ends. The service is complimentary with all cutting and coloring services, or costs $80 with a blow-dry.

Since its launch in early 2005, Dehydration Therapy has been receiving rave reviews. "Our people who work on photo shoots are constantly using it and giving it to models to try," says Gordon. "The feedback has been amazing." For more information, visit, or call 888-7-BUMBLE. –B. G.