Showcase Pureology in Your Salon

Floor Display
Floor Display

Floor Display

From November 1 - 30, Pureology is offering ten retail display sets including two premium pieces, to display Pureology retail products in your salon to help increase retail sales and attract new clientele. Both displays highlight Pureology’s key brand attributes including Antifade Complex, ZeroSulfate Shampoos, 100% Vegan, Organic Botanicals, and Concentrated Formulas. Each set includes:

  • Floor  Display: Accented with clear shelving and  a botanical background, this attractive display lets you showcase your  favorite Pureology System providing an easy  shopping experience for clients letting them know about Pureology’s  exclusive benefits. Display it in your retail area and watch retail sales  soar!
  • Counter  Display: A  small piece that can make a big impact! Use it to display new Pureology  products at the register or on-shelf to help promote retail purchase. The  Counter display includes a Concentrated Formulas  insert, perfect to explain the benefits of using Pureology.

*The EssentialRepair system is displayed as an example, both merchandising pieces allow you to showcase the Pureology system of choice.

Enter for a chance to win both Pureology displays at


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