Six Steps to Success

The key to success in the beauty industry is mastering not only technical skills, but also interpersonal and organizational skills, says Arnold Zegarelli, distinguished hairstylist and educational director of Izzazu Salon in Pittsburgh. Zegarelli has developed Six Success Skills, an assessment he uses to help his staff determine their abilities in six important areas of knowledge. "A hairdresser could be a very talented technician, but not be as successful as they could be because they lack the skills that make them holistic," he says. According to Zegarelli, there are five skills a stylist must acquire in addition to what he calls high-tech skills, or proficiency in technical services like cutting and color. Stylists should aspire to improve their high-touch skills, which include attitude, nonverbal and verbal communication, and high-thinking skills, or the capacity to be positive, enthusiastic and well informed. "What you have on the inside manifests itself on the outside," Zegarelli says. "Your ability to look for the best in yourself and others is what puts you on a higher level." Other skills include paper and business management, like keeping a record of every client for individualized service, and time management, or maximizing income in the shortest amount of time. Zegarelli suggests stylists can make the best of their time by making lists, planning and setting priorities. Furthermore, stylists should strive to develop their selling strategies, which include Zegarelli's three R's: rebooking, referrals and retail. Achieving success in all six skills isn't easy, Zegarelli says. "Some skills will come naturally, while others may be harder to master," he says, "but once you combine all of them, you become an all-star." —A.F.

Arnold Zegarelli
Arnold Zegarelli

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