Sonya Dove Mentors Students on Managing Decisions from the Heart

(Sonya Dove Headshot)

Bellus Academy students are receiving mentoring and coaching experiences from some of the most iconic personalities in the professional beauty industry. Competing in a national fundraiser open to beauty schools across North America, Bellus students at campuses in El Cajon, and Poway, California, and Manhattan, KS, won a day of mentoring from three of the professional beauty industry’s most respected icons: Sonya Dove, Jen Planck and Andrew Carruthers. 

Dove, a master stylist and Hair Color Council Creative Director of Intercoiffure America / Canada (ICA) visited the Bellus Academy El Cajon campus in April for a day of coaching and mentoring. Throughout the day, she shared with students how her career journey has evolved, providing opportunities to travel the globe and partner with some of beauty’s most esteemed brands and influencers. 

“Mentoring is very important because it gives guidance to new people,” Dove says. “Mentoring helps the personal growth of both mentee and mentor, and it is important for professionals to share information and not keep it to themselves.” Focusing on the “emotional intelligence” lived out by successful hairstylists, Dove led the Bellus team in a series of exercises that showed how to manage decisions from the heart rather than the head.


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Bellus Academy students in Poway, CA enjoyed a mentor experience from Jen Planck, master hairstylist and motivational speaker on May 7; while Bellus students in Manhattan, KS, will receive a day of mentoring from Andrew Caruthers, education director at Sam Villa, on May 17.