Square Appointments App Announces Booking Data Results

Square Appointments app manages your calendar. It helps you set up and edit all appointments anywhere your business takes you. It allows you to access client profiles, accept or decline appointments via iPhone notifications, and it you can see your schedule at a glance.

Recently, Square took an in-depth look at data from the past few months via thousands of appointments made through Square Appointments, and as a result, was able to gather helpful insights about the peak times people book hair appointments.  

Best times of day to schedule appointments at hair salons:


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  • During the week customers should try and book their hair appointments during lunch time; only 10% of appointments start at noon.  
  • During the weekends customers should try and book their hair appointments after 2 p.m.; only 14% appointments are booked after 2 p.m. This way customers won't have to touch up their blowouts before going out on the town.

Busiest times of day to schedule appointments at hair salons:

  • Peak times: During the week, peak time is 3 p.m., whereas on weekends the peak time is 10 a.m.

Price of nail services:

  • Customers in the Mountain states (AZ, CO, ID, etc.) on average spend the most money on their mani/pedis ($50.73). 
  • West Coast customers (CA, OR, WA) spend the least on their mani/pedis ($36.89).
  • The most affordable manicure you’ll find in the U.S. is in the Mid-Atlantic states (NY, NJ, PA) for $20.00.  The most expensive manicure is in the Mountain states for $29.08.
  • Last year we gathered the U.S. average haircut prices—check it out here.

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