In Studio First Look

Mane Addition
Hotheads Hair Extensions’ Micro Strands can seamlessly add length or color to all hair types without the use of heat or tools.

Continuing the success of its Ultimate line of discreet extensions, Hotheads Hair Extensions introduces Micro Strands, a tape-in extension specifically designed to add dimension to the hair while remaining undetectable. Attaching the extensions doesn’t require heat or tools, thanks to a medical-grade adhesive, and Micro Strands are ideal for naturally blending into the parietal ridge, crown, hairline and temple area.

Micro Strands can be worn individually for face-framing highlights or pops of color, or the 3/8-inch-wide tabs can be coupled with 13/8-inch-wide extensions to create gorgeous, voluminous styles. These versatile extensions can also be added to hair to give body to pompadours, bobs and updos.


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Available in a wide range of natural colors and three different lengths—10 to 12 inches, 14 to 16 inches and 18 to 20 inches—Micro Strands make it easy to blend seamlessly into a variety of hair lengths, textures and shades. To maintain the integrity of the natural hair, Hotheads recommends replacing Micro Strands every four weeks.

“I like having the option of Micro Strands because it gives me that much more room to be creative,” says Hotheads Master Educator Vicki Casciola. “I’m able
to create more layers and colors closer to the hairline, giving clients the ability to put their hair up.” —S.S.

Editor's Pick
To simplify creating blow-outs on a variety of hair lengths, Monroe introduces the Lady in Red brush. The tool features different barrel sizes to enable a range of styling options—from straightening roots to creating flips, waves or tight curls—and the combination of boar and nylon bristles works to protect locks from overheating while passing natural oils to strands for a healthy shine. The 2-inch barrel is ideal for short or chin-length hair; the 2½-inch barrel (seen here) for shoulder-length hair; and the 3-inch barrel for longer hair. Boasting an hourglass shape for styling control, the brush also incorporates ceramic technology that retains heat during styling and can accelerate blow-drying time by 40 percent. —S.S.