Summer Hair Tips by Keneesha Hudson

Keneesha Hudson

Keneesha Hudson

As the weather begins to get warmer, people are gearing up for a few months of outdoor activities and catching some rays by the pool or on the beach. However, the sun, heat, humidity and chlorine can wreak havoc on the hair, especially curly hair which is particularly susceptible. Keneesha Hudson, curly hair expert and owner of Urbanbella in Atlanta, provides some useful tips on keeping curly hair looking hot this summer.

1. Fight Frizz by applying a lightweight frizz control gel or mousse on wet hair. "You do not want to towel dry your hair, as the friction of the towel against your locks just adds to frizz," says Hudson.

2. Heat styling tools like straightening irons can actually cause frizz, so Hudson recommends using a thermal protectant product on hair before heat styling to protect it from the heat. "Look for products containing amodimethicone and dimethicone," Hudson says. "These ingredients provide a protective film on the hair cuticle that prevents water loss and keeps the cuticle from cracking and breaking."


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3. Use a refreshing spray on hair after working out or sweating, since sweat from the scalp leads to oily hair. "When you don't have time to take a shower, the best way to fight oiliness is by using a refreshing spray," Hudson says. "It leaves hair feeling and smelling fresh and clean."

4. Before getting into a pool, pre-treat hair with a conditioner that contains oil extracts. "The chlorine will suck up the oils found in the conditioner before it soaks up the natural oils in your hair," Hudson says. She recommends applying the conditioner or spray liberally, concentrating on the ends of the hair.


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