Super Soak

At the end of a busy day, nothing beats a long soak in the tub. Adding bath salts can make the experience even better by doing the mind and body a world of good. Mineral-rich salts help increase circulation, soothe irritation and detoxify and condition skin. Sea salts are especially beneficial because they contain magnesium, which relieves soreness by reducing muscle inflammation. And salts made with essential oils offer the added benefit of aromatherapy to soothe the soul.

1 Aveda Soothing Aqua Therapy;


2 Von Natur Sea Kelp & Mineral Detox Soak;


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3 Avancé Seaweed Bath Crystals;


4 Aromafloria Ocean Mineral Muscle Soak;


5 Sweet Grass Farm Pure Lavender Bath Salts; —C.W.