Take a Stand Against Deregulating Cosmetology Licensing

Getty Images(pba)

The beauty industry is constantly evolving, and while most changes are made to advance the industry, others could potentially set it back. One of those changes, and a hot topic of conversation, is the possibility of deregulating beauty licenses in an effort to cut state and federal funding. Every so often, a new batch of states proposes the idea of deregulating cosmetology licensing—meaning that anyone who wanted to be a hairdresser could simply be one without any training requirements.

Illinois and Michigan are the latest states to propose deregulation, while Rhode Island has proposed the severe reduction of cosmetology licensing hours. If these bills were to pass, it would essentially devalue the hours of time that licensed stylists have invested in their education. Not to mention, if deregulation of cosmetology were to become a reality, any person, even without formal education, would be able to practice cosmetology, ultimately putting consumers at risk of injuries, burns, infections and diseases. 

The Professional Beauty Association has taken a strong stance against deregulation. You can learn more and support their efforts here.


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