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As the holiday season approaches, now is the time to think about how to increase your retail sales profits. Salon software programs offer a range of features that can help. Floydware's Rosy, for example, offers a Suggestive Selling feature that the company claims increases sales by an average of 18 percent. The way it works is that at checkout, the software suggests products based on clients' buying history or services performed that day. The feature can also be customized for specific promotions, product launches or to reduce inventory.


The SalonRx feature from Crimpers Management Software creates a custom "prescription" for home-use products for each client, based on the person's hair type and lifestyle. Staff members can choose from several characteristics listed in the software, such as the texture of a client's hair and his or her preferred styling method, and the program generates a predefined list of appropriate products. Likewise, management can use Harms Software's Millennium to "tag" clients by hair or skin type and define retail products for each type. Every time a client's name is pulled up, a suggested product list is automatically generated. Products can also be tagged with an expected shelf life. When this information is cross-referenced with a client's purchase history, the system generates a pop-up at checkout prompting staff members to ask if the client would like to purchase more volumizing shampoo, for example.

SalonTechnologies' handheld Personal Salon Assistant (PSA) allows stylists to recommend products to their clients while they're still in the chair. Stylists simply enter what service was performed and the software generates a list of suggested products.

Another way to increase sales profits is by using the goal-charting module found in ClienTrak! Spa and Salon Software and Leprechaun Spa & Salon Software. Management can assign a retail sales goal with a specific dollar amount and provide bonuses based on the percent staff members achieve, or they can set up a more complex retail-to-service percentage goal, where the higher the percent is, the more money stylists make. The software calculates the bonus amount for payroll. —L.A.

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