Tessa Thompson's Victory Rolls, L'Oréal Appoints First Female President of L'Oréal Paris

Tessa Thompson Wears Vintage Victory Rolls as a Crown 
The actress is the first woman to hold a lead role in a Men In Black movie, and her hair at MTV’s Movie and TV Awards symbolized the same idea of female empowerment.  

L'Oréal Appoints First Female President of L'Oréal Paris, the Largest Beauty Brand in the World 
Welcome the new boss lady, Delphine Viguier-Hovasse. 

Serena Williams Talks Braids 
On Instagram, Williams posted a photo of her braiding her daughter’s hair, with a caption outlining the history and tradition of the hairstyle that began in Africa.  


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Tyra Banks’ New Docuseries Talks Beauty
Step aside, America’s Next Top Model: Tyra is back to the small screen again with a new docuseries focusing on body positivity and modern beauty.  

Get to Know More About Miranda Kerr’s Clean Beauty Brand, Kora Organics 
COSMOS-certified and expanding by the minute, Kora paves the way for a new era in clean beauty.  

You Can Now Meditate During Manicures 
How meditating at the nail salon can help kill two birds with one stone.  

Ricky’s Is in Troubled Waters 
The beauty supplies retailer is down to its last two stores in NYC.  

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