TIGI Haircare presents The Catwalk Collection: New Attitude

TIGI dresses up the packaging and updates the Wash and Care range of one of its most popular lines: Catwalk by TIGI.

It’s a given that fashion is always evolving and having major moments—something we all look forward to. Fittingly, Catwalk by TIGI—a collection inspired by prêt-à-porter and a staple of global hair denizens who are part of fashion week’s backstage beauty scene in London, Milan, New York and Paris—is experiencing an extreme makeover, too. TIGI, headquartered in Dallas, is restaging the inspirational brand, infusing it with new products, stylish packaging, an ad campaign and innovative education.

“When speaking to hairdressers about Catwalk, they’re quick to point out the line’s performance, its link to fashion and its sophisticated look, but they miss some of their favorite products, not to mention the iconic ‘C’ that’s adorned the bottles for years,” says TIGI Global Creative Director Nick Irwin, one of the masterminds behind the brand’s reinvention. Taking that message to heart, TIGI’s aim for the August 1 relaunch is to incorporate all the elements of Catwalk that hairdressers so strongly identify with. To wit: Sleeker packaging with a high-gloss coating that practically makes the products pop off the shelf, a logo that incorporates the classic “C” design and a rebranded styling range that ensures easy differentiation between products. Another key component is new bottle copy, which Vince Davis, general manger of TIGI Americas, says makes it abundantly clear what the product is and what it does while spelling out the benefits.


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TIGI’s plans for ramping up the line also encompass making improvements to existing products and rolling out several new offerings to the Catwalk by TIGI Wash and Care range. “These days, the majority of salon clients are opting for color services, so we’ve enhanced the formulas with new technology that makes them safe to use on color-treated hair,” Davis says. By the same token, longtime fan favorites like Oatmeal & Honey Nourishing Shampoo and Conditioner for Dry Damaged Hair are re-emerging. “They’re being joined by Oatmeal and Honey Intense Nourishing Mask—the first treatment in the Catwalk range—and Fashionista Violet, a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner containing violet dyes designed especially for blondes, which helps neutralize yellow tones and brassiness,” Irwin says.

To complement Catwalk’s fashion connection and cutting-edge aesthetic, TIGI is kicking off the line’s reinvention with an eye-catching countertop display that’s stocked with popular products, including Root Boost, Curls Amp and Oatmeal & Honey. “Down the road, we’ll also be launching a TIGI Master Brand Display concept that’s modular, works well for the biggest of salons down to the smallest of them, and not only showcases Catwalk, but our other brands, as well,” says Davis, who anticipates debuting it at the Dallas World Release event in October. In addition to trial kits, shelf talkers, brochures and launch deals that generate client interest, stylists can also expect to see a holiday promo for Oatmeal & Honey this fall that will feature a free cosmetic gift with purchases.

As with all TIGI lines, education will play a major role in Catwalk. “We’ve got activities planned for stores and in salons, as well as Academy-type programs, all of which supply stylists with the knowledge and tools to transform all types of runway trends into real-life looks,” Davis says. “The goal is to engage hairdressers every step of the way and to reinforce our TIGI philosophy: ‘By Hairdressers, For Hairdressers,’” Irwin adds.

IMAGES CLOCKWISE: Vince Davis; In addition to revamped fragrances and formulas, three Oatmeal & Honey products have joined the Catwalk by TIGI lineup; TIGI Global Creative Director Nick Irwin perfects a runway technique for the camera.

Catwalk Cues
These upcoming TIGI educational events cover all the bases for creating fashionable hair.

Catwalk Collective Session Styling
October 2-3
TIGI Advanced Hairdressing
Academy/SOHO, New York city
[email protected]
The course, designed for hairdressers that find inspiration in the world of fashion and want to get an inside scoop on the latest trends pulled from the shows in New York, London, Milan and Paris, brings backstage to the forefront. Attendees will experience how to use products as a tool to help create the season’s most influential looks.

TIGI 2013 World Release–Americas
October 7–8, Dallas
In addition to showcasing the latest trends, Founder and International Artistic Director Anthony Mascolo, TIGI Global Technical Director Christel Lundqvist and the TIGI International Creative Team will shine a spotlight on the latest Catwalk production collection. The line will also be the main focus in day two’s Principle Styling class.

Principle Styling
October 14-15
TIGI Learning Lab/Lewisville, TX
[email protected]
Designed to improve hairdressing techniques, including long hairdressing and creating diverse textures on different hair lengths, this course supplies technical know-how and creative inspiration to advance artistry, both in the salon as well as for photography sessions.