TIGI World Release 2015: A Family Affair

TIGI World Release came back to Las Vegas, NV, in a big way, reuniting Anthony Mascolo, TIGI International Artistic Director and his brother Bruno Mascolo, onstage for the first time in years. “We are once again united as one—TIGI and Toni&Guy,” Bruno told a sell-out crowd of nearly 2,500. “Our goal is still the same: We want to upgrade the industry through products and education.” 

The event, which was held at the Aria Resort & Casino from August 22-25, was filled with surprises. During a cut-and-color segment, Anthony executed one of his signature undercuts on a young blonde model. After removing the cutting cape, he asked her to sit back down again. “I’ve been doing these undercuts for 20 years. Maybe it’s time for something new,” he said before proceeding to shave her head to catcalls from the hairdressers in attendance. “Don’t worry,” he said, perhaps less for our benefit than hers, “she’s young and beautiful enough to pull this look off.”

Onstage during a full day of presentations were Bruno’s son Zak and Anthony’s son Josh. “Just being in the prep room with the TIGI team and the Toni&Guy team is like a dream come true,” Zak said. “We’re all one big happy family again.” During a men’s segment, Anthony’s wife Pat rushed onstage with a camera to take a few photos of her son in action. “He looks good up there, doesn’t he, mum?” said Anthony.


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Later, we watched a video created to promote Inspirational Youth, one of the most respected and successful youth training programs in the industry. “I created Inspirational Youth to give young hairdressers the same opportunity my brothers gave me,” said Anthony.

As for the grand finale on Sunday evening, let’s just say that TIGI Tales was everything Anthony promised and then some when he referred to it as “a visual feast of creativity.” Visit americansalon.com in the next couple of weeks for more extensive coverage from TIGI World Release, including exclusive interviews with Anthony and Pat, detailed info about Joyride, the company’s most innovative new product since Bed Head Stick was introduced 20 years ago, and much more.

We look forward to sharing a more detailed article featuring highlights from the event. In the meantime, we've rounded up a few of our favorite Instagram's from the event featured above. To see more, head to Instagram and search the hashtag #TigiWorldRelease and #TigiTakeover.