Treatment Trends


This 15-minute service can be incorporated as an add-on to any facial treatment. First, Yon-Ka Paris's Yon-Ka Serum is distributed evenly on fingertips and worked into the scalp at the roots of the hair. The therapist then gives the client a 12-to-15-minute scalp massage. Afterward, the client ideally leaves the serum on the scalp overnight for a deep aromatherapeutic treatment. If this isn't an option, however, the client can wash hair as usual.

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This $95, 60-minute treatment is offered at the Wintergreen Resort (Wintergreen, VA). "The treatment was designed to restore well-being, refine skin, and relieve stress and painful joints," says spa director Barbara Stirewalt. "The first step is to stimulate the lymphatic system, which is achieved by dry brushing the body in swift, light strokes toward the heart." Next, a special self-heating mud is applied, followed by a warm wrap of sheets, blankets, and plastic to insulate the body. While cocooned, the client receives a head-and-scalp massage. As the client emerges from the wrap, warm towels, along with Pevonia's Essential Oils Bath & Shower Gel-Anti Stress, is used to cleanse the skin. AHA Body Moisturizer is then massaged onto the skin and Tension Relief Gel is applied on the back of the calves and bottoms of the feet.


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It doesn't get much fresher than the Piña Colada Pedicure ($60, 60 to 90 minutes) at Josephine Day Spa in New York City. After feet have been thoroughly cleansed and nails have been cared for, fresh pineapple is used to exfoliate dead skin. Coconut is then applied to restore lost moisture. The tropically inspired pedicure concludes with a reflexology massage and an application of Essie polish.

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Sharon Ronen, skin therapist at Skin Haven in Beverly Grove (Los Angeles), performs this deliciously soothing $20, 15-minute treatment in the privacy of a bungalow near the Hollywood Hills. Starting with a deep head-and-scalp massage, Ronen applies Bioelements's Corrective Cocktail, which is made up of a synergy of oils: jojoba to heal the scalp and moisturize, cedarwood to regulate sebum, and clary sage to soothe. Ronen also performs a pressure-point face massage and treats the neck, shoulders, temples, and scalp to an acupressure massage mixed with longer Swedish-style strokes.

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Created for men, this $75, 50-minute treatment begins with an upper back, neck, and shoulder massage for five minutes using Relaxing Modeling Oil by Sothys Paris. Next, Tonic Hair Lotion is applied to the hair and scalp, and a five-minute scalp massage follows. Finally, a facial (with extractions) is performed using Detoxifying Active Cleanser, Detoxifying Soft Peeling, Age-Defying Modeling Cream, Peel-off Mask, Hydrating Active Care, and Age Defying Active Care. The hair tonic—which includes such ingredients as apple vinegar, biotine, d-panthenol, and ginseng—is left on the hair throughout the facial, leaving the scalp refreshed and healthy and the hair soft, radiant, and well-protected.

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This 20-minute, $35 treatment begins with a Face Mapping consultation to obtain the client's skincare history and profile. Next, makeup is removed with Soothing Eye Make-Up Remover. Using the fingertips, a thin layer of Bio Peel (or a smooth paste of Daily Microfoliant mixed with warm water) is applied around the eye area. This is left on for five minutes, removed, and followed by the application of O2 Uptake Serum to the eye area. Pressure-point and drainage massage is given for five minutes. Iontophoresis (passing a small electric current through the skin) may be performed around the eye area for two to three minutes with an electrode designed for a smaller area (i.e., a ball electrode). If this is done, Colloidal Masque Base may be mixed with O2 Uptake Serum to make an ionizable eye gel. The remainder of the Colloidal Masque Base may be left on the skin in a very thin layer and covered with two dampened eye gauzes to protect the eyebrows. Three scoops of Clinical Colloidal Oatmeal are then mixed with water to form a paste-like consistency and spread with a spatula over the gauze-covered eye area. It is left on the skin for 10 minutes. The oatmeal application is taken off and the residue removed with a cool steamed towel. The treatment is completed with an application of Multivitamin Power Firm.

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Guinot offers a 60-minute slimming treatment that begins with an exfoliation using Lotion Starter Minceur. Next, essential oils are applied over the entire body, followed by a 20-minute body wrap, which includes a slimming red clay masque. The treatment concludes with an application of Absolue Minceur, a slimming body gel. There's also a firming treatment available that includes a total-body application of Huille Tonifiante Relaxante. A firming green clay masque, with minerals to soften the skin and stimulate cell metabolism, is then applied before the client is cocooned in a layer of blankets for approximately 20 minutes. A full-body application of Nutrizone Lift or Longue Vie Body Cream ends the treatment.

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Aveda's new purifying and nurturing Caribbean Therapy Body Treatment, which incorporates slow, circular movements, begins with an all-over exfoliating seaweed masque containing all-natural ingredients that heat up and warm the body. This is followed by a calming, renewing body wrap. Next, a restorative scalp-and-face massage is given. After the masque is removed, the treatment ends with a full-body massage. Three versions are available: Shower and Vichy (both 75 minutes) and dry room (60 minutes).

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Inspired by the Baja Peninsula where the calm Sea of Cortez meets the tumultuous Pacific Ocean, Lydia Sarfati, CEO and founder of Repêchage, created the Repêchage Sea of Cortez Pure Body Revival ($195, 90 minutes). The treatment begins with warm Aromatherapy Essential Oils of Flora dripped from a seashell onto the body. Next, the client experiences a wave-like motion as hot sea stones are used to massage and rock the body. Hot stones are then placed on key pressure points and a cooling cryo-seaweed moisture mask and cold sea stones are applied to the face. A scalp massage completes the treatment.

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