Trending in April

King of the Road

as0415-EC-Dwight Mille_fmt_0_0_0.jpegAnyone who knows Dwight Miller knows how much he loves to ride. We’re talking about his collection of motorcycles, including a Harley Road King, a 100th anniversary model he calls the Ultra King. Now Ride Texas, a quarterly magazine for motorcycle enthusiasts, has profiled Miller in its spring issue on newsstands April 1. Get your hands on a copy by emailing [email protected]

as0415-EC-Charlie Pric_fmt_0.jpegFrench Dressing

This look from the Ultra Collection, a collaboration between Charlie Price and the Beauty Underground Artistic Team, was just one of many that he presented at IBS New York in March. Missed the show? A repeat performance is scheduled for IBS Las Vegas in June.

as0415-EC-DenmanBrush-_fmt_0_0_0.jpegCollector's Item

Denman has teamed up with Northern Irish artist Anarkitty for a special edition of its famous D3 brush line. The line features three brushes that focus on a woman’s individuality, strength and felinity: Sassy, a tribute to the late, great Vidal Sassoon; Ruby, inspired by The Great Gatsby’s iconic fingerwave; and Goldie, which highlights the Swinging Sixties girl.

It's a Wrap

as0415-EC-Bracelet2-re_fmt_0_0_0.jpegE&N Jewelry is a line of handmade accessories inspired by Buddhist tradition and metaphysical thought. Naieem Abdool and Emmett Cooper, who own Emmetts The Studio in Indianapolis, create every piece. The takeaway: We all have the ability to manifest our own intentions and obtain a more blessed life. To order, visit Shown here: Triple ox-bone with jade and brass Buddha and crystal rhinestones. What it does: Jade beads represent purity, while the Buddha is a symbol of enlightenment, clarity, reason and knowledge.

as0415-EC-Michelle-rev_fmt_1_0.jpegLady Mary Bobs Her Hair

Fans of Downton Abbey (PBS, Masterpiece Theatre) were shocked on Episode 6 of Season 5 when Lady Mary (Michelle Dockery) visited a tony salon in Yorkshire and emerged sporting an oh-so-fashionable bob, just four years after Bernice did so in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s classic 1920 short story. As usual, the Dowager Countess got the last word: “I thought a boy had entered the room.”

as0415-EC-Jane-rev_C21_fmt_0_0.jpegas0415-LW_1-rev_C2101__fmt_0.jpegBack to the Future

In 1969 barber Paul McGregor created the shag cut, a heavily layered, multidimensional, effortless style that epitomized the distinct sense of freedom of the decade to come. Actress Jane Fonda (top left) popularized the haircut in the 1971 movie Klute (Warner Bros.), inspiring throngs of women to chop their locks. Now the shag is back and better than ever. Just ask Julianne Hough (top right), Alexa Chung and Vanessa Hudgens who have all opted for this edgy, tousled style with loads of movement.

Frame of Mind

as0415-EC-Bobs241811-r_fmt_0_0_0.jpegEyebobs creates reading glasses for the customer “who is irreverent and slightly jaded, but always expects cutting edge style and quality.” To boost retail sales, Jerry Gordon, owner of J. Gordon Designs in Chicago, has been successfully stocking the fashionable readers on his salon shelves for his clients who are 40 and over.