Truss Professional Launches New Three-Step Reconditioning System

Whatever the season, your client's hair is always at risk for damage. Hot tools, environmental toxins, freezing temperatures and the blazing sun can all take their toll, leaving hair fried, dull and dry. To the rescue is Truss Professional with a new, specially-created three-step reconditioning system that douses hair with moisture, and restores healthy hair almost immediately. It promises visible improvement after just one use.

Step one features Miracle Shampoo which contains active ingredients to protect against color fading from environmental aggressors like harsh UV rays and damaging chemicals. Active ingredients include quaterphyl, amisil, creatine, collagen, pro vitamin B5, and keratin to restore follicle vitality and make hair smooth, silky, lush and clean. 

Step two is the Deluxe Prime spray, applied after shampooing and before conditioning/masking. Left to sit for several minutes before rinsing, it helps bring back hair’s natural radiance. The restorative spray controls frizz, promotes shine and protects hair from the damaging effects of heat using high-tech and organic ingredients that deeply moisturize hair and recover its natural flexibility and health. It promises to help your client go for days, even weeks, without having to treat their dry, damaged hair. 

Step three in the system is the TRUSS Net Mask which aims for “smart” hair repair. The mask’s nano-regeneration properties adhere to the more porous areas of hair to provide hydration, reconstruction and nourishment, no matter the hair type. Elasticity, strength and natural luster are restored. It seals the hair cuticle, reduces volume and increases thermal protection while boosting levels and enhancing shine. The result is reduced volume and improved manageability for soft, silky, shiny hair. To activate the web effect of the mask, place a small drop of the product in the palm of hands. Next, rub hands together, then separate and join them—similar to a clapping motion—several times before applying the product to hair.

ABOUT: TRUSS Professional is a luxurious full-service salon brand with results-driven formulas that combine the latest cutting-edge technology with organic ingredients. TRUSS is committed to innovative formulas that deliver outstanding, real results catering to every client’s needs. TRUSS is available in fine salons nationwide. For more information on TRUSS Professional, call 1-844-TRUSS11 or visit