Turning up the Heat

"When the world is watching and sensational is a prerequisite, where image and beauty matter most, FHI is here." This tag line not only encapsulates FHI Heat's recently released "Hollywood-Music-Fashion" brand identity, but also marks the inspiration for the creation of a stylish and revolutionary Web site: fhiheat.com.

After the launch of the company's new brand identity, FHI Heat Artistic Director Les Haverty and his creative team jumped at the chance to create a Web site that reflected the "Hollywood-Music-Fashion" image in an innovative and user-friendly way that no one in the industry had seen before.

"The new Web site will definitely bring higher traffic but also greater attention to the FHI Heat brand," Haverty says. "We are gearing it to be an award-winning site featuring the latest technology, along with sharp content and high design."


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Fhiheat.com's signature black-and-white photojournalism-inspired images not only look sophisticated, but also give the impression that you're an insider in a world reserved only for the glamorous. "When you see the pictures, it really makes you feel like you're a part of that world, standing on the red carpet with Nicole Kidman, with all of the paparazzi taking your picture," Haverty says.

FROM TOP: Visitors can purchase products on fhiheat.com; the home page highlights Hollywood, music and fashion; the salon locator.
FROM TOP: Visitors can purchase products on fhiheat.com; the home page highlights Hollywood, music and fashion; the salon locator.

The Web site is also as practical as it is visually appealing. Geared toward both consumers and haircare professionals, visitors can easily navigate the site to learn about and buy FHI Heat's products, locate salons around the country and even keep up with FHI Heat's latest news, events and shows.

Maybe even more exciting are the video testimonials from hair industry experts. "The testimonials come from some powerful people in Hollywood and the music and fashion industries," Haverty says. "They're using our products for real. The people in the testimonials aren't paid to use our products."

Fhiheat.com includes video testimonials from such industry moguls as Patrick Melville and Peter Ishkhans, as well as print testimonials from dozens of other influential stylists.

You're probably already typing the fhiheat.com address on your computer, but Les Haverty offers yet another reason to visit the site. "You should come to our site for the single fact that you want to learn about the latest and greatest from people who have spent $2 million on research and development and $2 million on advertising to show the best salons and best hairdressers," Haverty says. "Come to the site just to see what we're doing in the industry, or for our philanthropy and what we're doing for the world." —R.A.