Ulta Beauty Team and ABS Collaborate on Collection

(ULTA Abs)

Ulta Beauty and America's Beauty Show have teamed up for an exclusive collection in celebration of both their home bases: the Windy City.

"As a native of Chicago, Ulta Beauty is based in Chicago, America’s Beauty Show is based in Chicago...it’s just all the synergies," said Nick Stenson, SVP, Salon Services at Ulta Beauty. "We [had] to partner to bring something really cool and innovative to the forefront of the beauty industry."

"The first thing that has to be called out is this custom-made wardrobe collection just for America’s Beauty Show," added Ammon Carver, Ulta Beauty Chief Artistic Director. "It’s one of a kind, it’s made just for this shoot…and it’s so beautiful."


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The costume designer drew inspiration from abstract artists like Picasso, but wanted to keep things recognizable and relatable. Check out the team discussing how it came together in this video.