Urban Escape - Floor Plan

Renowned French hairdresser Julien Farel brings luxury beauty to New York City’s Loews Regency Hotel.

Luxury beauty with efficiency is the best way to describe Julien Farel Restore Salon & Spa, a flagship that in April relocated from Manhattan’s Madison Avenue in New York City and opened its “French” doors at the rebranded Loews Regency Hotel. Located on Park Avenue, the 10,000-square-foot beauty and fitness center is designed to cater to busy New Yorkers and the international travel set, and is armed with a handpicked team of professionals.

“I wanted to open an incredible salon to bring hair, salon, spa and fitness to the next level,” says owner and renowned hairdresser Julien Farel. The salon is located on the second floor of the hotel, and with all rooms and departments sharing one floor—including 10 treatment rooms, 32 styling stations, a private room and a fitness center—it’s especially easy for the staff to stay connected. “I worked very hard on the layout because not only does it have to look great, but it has to be really convenient,” he says. “My team is the most important part of my business.”

The design concept was a collaboration between award-winning hospitality and residential design firm Meyer Davis Studio Inc. and Farel, who brought his industry expertise and inspiration from his French heritage. Along with contemporary Parisian decor, a modern chandelier provides a welcoming glow at the entrance—Farel outsourced movie professionals to perfect the lighting. “You want a blonde to look blonde and a gray or white to not look brassy or yellow, and it was important to spend the time, money and energy to focus on the light of the hair salon,” he says. Enhancing this is floor-to-ceiling windows where natural light floods the salon, and a fireplace keeps the ambiance warm. The space is peppered with Maletti Italian furniture, and Farel chose to hang David LaChapelle photographs provided by Fashion Concepts for added vibrancy. To add a unique element, the private sitting room offers a selection of more than 100 books, rather than the mainstream magazine, for guests’ enjoyment.

As for the salon’s location in a hotel, Farel says this means more opportunities to find new clients. “There are about 400 rooms of potential clients every day, and a party of two or three can call from the hotel at any minute,” he says.

“This salon is designed to make the guests of the hotel, as well as other clients, feel like it’s a home away from home,” Farel says. “As soon as they walk through the door it’s truly an oasis of beauty, and a way to escape the hustle of New York, the jungle.” ✂ —Kristen Heinzinger