Wahl to Release Documentary-Style Barbering Video

Wahl Professional has big hopes for barbers and stylists who believe in their professional talents as artists. Building on the positive response they recieved from their Global Education Leadership Summer (GELS) earlier this year, Wahl produced a docu-style video, the title of which is exactly what is asked of professionals to do every day: Think Like an Artist. 

In just 10 minutes, Think Like an Artist covers the role of barbers in American culture today and how barbershops can change the feel of communities for generations to come, while offering a retrospective on Wahl's impact on the industry. "A universal takeaway from the video is to empower barbers and stylists throughout the world to gain relevant insights from the culture of American barbering that they can apply to their craft," says Lance Wahl, global vice president professional products, Wahl Clipper Corporation.

While the video was filmed at Wahl’s Headquarters in Sterling, Illinois, and four Midwest barbershops, the messages delivered are tangible to aspiring barbers, regardless of location, even barbers thousands of miles away in an emerging country. 

“Today, we have mixed cultures and mixed textures of hair that require professionals to use different types of tools and techniques,” says Laura VanderMoere, director of global education Wahl Professional. “You have to be able to think like an artist; think, ‘what techniques am I going to use to get my vision accomplished, and what tools am I going to need according to the texture of the hair.'"

Those interested in the role Wahl has played in American barbering and how that will translate into thinking like an artist are encouraged to watch the trailer for the video to be released on November 30th.