Washi Introduces Its Newest and Largest Shear Collection

Washi introduces its largest collection of hair shears ever this New Year. The Precision-In-Performance (P.I.P.) Master Shear Set is made with Japanese VG1 super-steel for durability and features a unique anatomically-shaped handle. While the P.I.P. Shear and Thinner boast a handle design that is avant-garde, it is also comfortable and allows for superior control.

"We strive to reach for perfection with every one of our products, but these scissors make us especially proud," said Washi Scissor Company's founder Marc Milman. "Stylists of all levels of expertise will find them to be a pleasure to work with."

Milman also provided insight into the technical side of shear making: "We chose to use the Japanese VG1 alloy because it has better sharpness, edge retention, shock and strength characteristics." The alloy is a proprietary composite which contains pure additives such as carbon, molybdenum and chromium. The combination of quality steel and the edge honing techniques gives the shear its buttery-smooth cutting feel.


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The Cutting Shear is available in a 5.7-inch length and the Thinning Shear features 30 tapered teeth. The Texture razor and five piece case complete the set. —Kristen Heinzinger

Washi P.I.P. Master Shear Set