We Know What Boys Like

If you've read our October issue, you've seen all the great men's products we featured in the magazine (pages 55-60). Well, I wanted to clue you into a couple more men's grooming lines that can really help grow your male clientèle and increase your bottom line—and add some style to your retail counter.

Babor Men

Founded in 1955 by Dr. Michael Babor, the Babor brand has become well known in the beauty industry for high-quality products that promote individual well-being. In 2008, the company launched Babor Men to focus exclusively on men's skincare needs. The Babor Men line includes a full spectrum of skin, body and hair needs, such as Refreshing Face Wash, Line Reducing Eye Gel, Ultra Comfort Shaving Cream, Relaxing Anti Jetlag Cream, Vitalizing Hair&Body Shampoo and more.



With the goal of keeping the products simple and the ingredients pure and natural, Mensgroom helps guys take care of themselves without having to overthink everything—something every guy I know would truly appreciate. The line, which includes products for the hair, face and body, draws men in with clever names (Shave the Males shaving cream and Firmly Rooted shampoo for thinning hair are my personal favorites) and witty descriptions.

—Lori Morris, Senior Editor