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ThermaFuse's revamped Web site not only increases communication, but also brings the company, salon owners, stylists and consumers closer together.

When it comes to the hair industry, some companies use photography to create visually stunning Web sites, others use Web sites as a platform to sing their businesses' own praises, and still others use multimedia meant to impress. All of these methods are valid, but before ThermaFuse renovated thermafuse.com. the company decided it would be a good idea to ask its audience what they wanted.

"Our goal was to make the ThermaFuse site as user-friendly as possible," says ThermaFuse CEO Van Stamey. "A big part of our planning process involved Joni Rae Russell, who is in charge of our marketing, asking stylists and salons what they wanted to get out of the Web site."

And the audience answered—they want easily accessible information. As such, Russell says thermafuse.com was renovated to become "an even more efficient portal for stylists and consumers seeking information from the ThermaFuse world."


The "For Professionals" section on the Web site has many handy resources, including a "Getting Started" option that has introductory promotions and merchandising materials for new ThermaFuse clients.

Updated daily, the "What's Hot" section features the latest news, upcoming events and "ThermaFuse in the News," which is Stamey's favorite page. "It's my favorite because it's amazing to see how much the press loves the brand," Stamey says.


The Salon Locator helps consumers find salon retail centers that use and sell authorized ThermaFuse products. "Our salon locator receives in excess of 175,000 hits a month from consumers seeking ThermaFuse salon location information—and we couldn't be happier," Stamey says.

More than anything, the ThermaFuse Web site is meant to bridge the gap between the company and its audience. "We wanted the site to serve as a gateway to new visitors," Stamey says. "We view thermafuse.com as a valuable connection to our professional and consumer communities."


When all is said and done, Stamey says his biggest message to people is just to check out thermafuse.com. "Our site changes constantly," Stamey says. "There's new stuff going on every day. Trust me, you'll be pleasantly surprised." —R.A.