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Cutler Salon's cutting-edge Web site is fashionable and easy to use.

In an effort to promote a more definitive brand, Cutler Salon launched a redesigned Web site, cutlersalon.com, showcasing the classic blue stripes that the salon's branding is all about. Rodney Cutler, the Australian-born hairstylist and owner of the eponymous salon, which has two locations in Manhattan, made sure the new Web site reflected the core values of his business. "Since we are a fashion brand, we value wearable fashion, nothing gimmicky," Cutler says. "Being located in New York City means understanding the market, and that means we have to be at the forefront of fashion."

Cutler's Web site is trendy and user-friendly.
Cutler's Web site is trendy and user-friendly.

As a go-to name in the beauty and fashion industries, Cutler made sure his Web site reflects his trend-setting knowledge. The rebuilt site still makes his collections, products and brushes available to clients and stylists alike, but it also offers a more personal touch, with video clips of runway shows, on-site location shots and step-by-step instructions on how to get that perfect look. "A lot of people don't know what we do," Cutler says, "but in this age of technology, we have the ability to document everything. Now, people can venture into our world."

Cutler, a renowned celebrity hairstylist and Redken brand ambassador, opted to give his site an expensive look, but was steadfast about keeping the functionality simple. Its minimalist look makes links easy to find. Cutler also hired a specialist to keep the site fresh. "We made sure to get someone in-house to personally update so that we aren't relying on outside sources," he says.

Cutler Salon is also working on a mobile version of the site. "So much of our world has now moved online so this upgrade gives us a more comprehensive brand," Cutler says. "The new Web site is all about reinventing yourself." — J.H.