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Arrojo Studio aims to bring stylists together with its re-launched education site.


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Arrojo Studio has taken advantage of the many advances in social networking and mobile technology with the re-launch in May of its education site, arrojoeducation.com, with arrojostudio.com, arrojoproduct.com and arrojocosmetology.com soon to follow. "Education is the cornerstone of the Arrojo brand and was born out of the commitment to bring more professionalism and quality into the hairdressing craft, so it's fitting to start with this site and to reach out to our widest audience—hairdressers," says Arrojo Creative Director Dominic Antiszko. "The goal is to take all the Arrojo sites from presentation-style Web sites to an interactive-based system."

The redesigned arrojo education.com site
The redesigned arrojo education.com site

For starters, the look and layout of the site has now taken on a live newslike quality, with a news feed, similar to a blog, which provides updates on the company. Users can make comments on every post and link to Facebook, MySpace and Twitter. Navigation between separate pages has also become more seamless, so it's easier for visitors to move from the studio page, for example, to the product page or the education page.

Another addition to the education Web site is the downloads section, where stylists can preview Arrojo's education DVDs and download lessons they can view on their computers, iPhones or iPods. "Giving stylists the ability to choose which lessons they want to focus on saves them time and money, with the added bonus of being able to access the lesson wherever they go," Antiszko says.

In the future, Arrojo hopes to evolve the site into an even stronger social network for hairdressers. "We have so much new information to get out there, but it's not just one-sided," Antiszko says. "We want to listen to the needs and inspirations of other stylists so we can improve as well." —L.A.