Wendy Belanger on Taking Care of Summer Hair

Wendy Belanger
Wendy Belanger

Wendy Belanger

Summer is here, and we have the tan lines, memories and Facebook pictures to prove it. We also have the hair that takes the heat through, and if hair could talk, we would be paying blackmail money daily just to keep it quiet.

All the fun, sun and highlights will definitely take its toll on our locks and now the common question is “How do I get my hair into shape?†My recommendation is to give it what it needs! Hair becomes depleted in one of two ways: It lacks protein or moisture. The protein gives it strength as well as a great template for artificial color to attach to, while moisture will give it hydration and elasticity. Bottom line, both components make hair appear dry but it is important to find out which element hair really needs.

An excellent way to treat either of these issues is to pre-treat client’s hair before a colour treatment to ensure it gets the strength and drink it needs to support color work. Another great idea is to send them home with a deep treatment for protein and/or hydration to do maintenance in between their color services. Products that work to treat the hair in the summer months include Pureology EssentialRepair RestorativeHairMasque, the perfect deep treatment to help nourish distressed hair, renew moisture, and rebuild hair while protecting color vibrancy, and  EssentialRepair ColourMax layered with either EssentialRepair SplitEndCorrectingTreatment or EssentialRepair InstantRepair for preventative results as well as nourishing the hair shaft with biotin.

Set yourself AND your guest up for success! —Wendy Belanger Wendy Belanger is the current artistic director for Pureology. Along with creating seasonal trends for Pureology, Belanger has traveled the country styling celebrities backstage at awards shows. She is based in Calgary, Canada, where she owns Influence salon.


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