Wendy Watkins Words of Wisdom: Let’s Get This Party Started!


wendywatkinsThere is a lot going on in the world right now that is creating uncertainty and concern. The impact from this can be unsettling. You may be hearing some grumbling and complaining from your team. How do you overcome those complaints and keep everyone positive, happy and uplifted? The $64,000 question!

At times like these, there are two things that will support you in building the morale of your team. One is simply to listen to them, without thinking about having to fix everything. Sometimes people just want to vent and express themselves, and as owners, you want to fix it and make everything okay. Realize that there are some things you can fix and others you cannot. Be clear about what you can remedy; if you cannot repair the economic challenges right now, listen and be empathetic. The thing you can do, because I know you want to do something, is to shift the mood in your salon. Do something fun, spontaneous and silly. What impact would having pizza brought in for lunch or taking an ice cream break on a hot summer day do for the mood in the salon? Who doesn’t like a Good Humor ice cream sandwich? Turn up the music and have a dance break—customers included—they can use the break as well! Take a look at what would feed your culture—what would make them smile and shift the mood from complaining to smiling while sharing and creating memories. If you choose to integrate this idea into your business, make it consistent. Your team and clients will appreciate it and the shift in attitude will allow your business to shift as well.

Wendy Watkins, PCC, Chief Grower of PassionFruit Creative People Growers, is a seasoned business leader and coach with over 18 years of experience in the salon and spa industry. She specializes in unique programs and keynotes that have helped scores of creative entrepreneurs. Visit www.PassionFruitPeople.com for more inspiring tools and information.